The goals that efficient automated testing software should aim to achieve

If you have been thinking about moving towards automated testing,

the frequency of test execution, the variation of test data or the duration of test execution may have given you a headache on occasion, amongst other factors. Then you need to set the goals that best suit your team, if so, it is recommended that you plan the maturity process from manual testing to automated testing with a focus on: 

- Reducing Risks
- Strengthening confidence in release candidate
- Releasing faster
- Freeing Up Testers' Time
- Delivering Working Software Frequently

A project like this is similar to #software development in that you need time, investment and a team of skilled workers. The main difference is that with test automation you reduce the cumulative costs of manual testing when you have hundreds of tests and your project keeps growing. Therefore, the economic benefits of test automation come from the savings in time spent on the work, when you execute the tests several times, and most importantly, it reduces the error rate and increases the #quality

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