About us

CEITA is an information technology consultancy whose headquarters are located in the United Kingdom. A modern city and one of the business centers of the whole world. Since its creation date in 2010, our mission is to promote the digital transformation of companies' business processes, through a multidisciplinary team of specialists capable of using low code platforms and developing software to facilitate the work of our partners, with whom we want to create long-term relationships.

CEITA is a young company that has decided to innovate in the information technology market, using disruptive technologies such as Appian, in order to provide added value to our clients, while we accompany them in their digital transformation process, through solutions for their projects that provide differential value to their workers.

We are characterized by our passion and closeness to the client , we also offer training to our workers so that they feel part of our teams and we promote a friendly work environment.

Our Mission

Gain recognition and respect through our know-how through leadership in the deployment of new technologies.

Occupy a key profile in the development of technology and know-how for the benefit of society.

Generate long-term relationships with our partners, clients, and intermediaries.

Create a multidisciplinary team of specialists that form a leading group in the software development market.

Improve the transformation of your business processes and achieve your key performance indicators.

Achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Promote the constant evolution of the companies and organizations.

Our Vision

The growth of our company comes from the growth of each of our workers.

Enhance people's skills and create new opportunities for the company.

Base our relationships with stakeholders on respect, loyalty and professionalism. Recognize the human potential of learning through mistakes to establish the foundations of the personal growth of each worker.

Become aware of the impact of our activities on society, to establish a long-term social commitment and provide growth and financial stability to the society in which we work, through the duty to give more and better than what we receive from society.

Achieve operational excellence and provide innovative solutions.

Achieve customer and employee satisfaction.

What industries are we working in?

CEITA's main clients are concentrated in the following industries:
Bank and Financial services
Energy services
Retail services
Aviation Services