BPM Quality Assurance

Testing Services


Automate tasks with AAT in a formalized testing process, in order to speed up the release cycles, increase coverage and ensure high quality. In this way the results are more reliable and more accurate when delivered.


Verify a piece of your software is providing the same output as required by the end - user or business. While it checks for usability and ensures that navigational functions are working as required.


Improve the performance of your system when it is working with databases or other softwares, in this way we can solve deficiencies in your projects and help you to save money, clients and your company image safely.


Test units of components and groups of system pieces after that, to detect interface defects in a single phase and finally be available for your system testing. We can support you to assure your software system’s performance, functionality and reliability.


Review the system vulnerabilities simulating malicious attacks and raise protection against threats and vulnerabilities. It can be used in an existing IT environment or in new software, hardware, network, and information systems.

How we deliver?

Know more about our engagement models


Access to industry and solutions experts when you need it.


QA Consultants answer to offshore and remote-based quality assurance software testing.


Improve processes and teams with our seasoned experience.


Industry experts who can identify your customized testing solution.

Results of QA consulting

Transparent and measurable IT processes.

Infrastructure setup and optimization (tracking systems, testing environment).

Closer and more effective collaboration between QA, development, business units.

Improved software testing strategy.

Clear understanding of project costs and more precise budget planning.

Work environment tailored to your business operations and processes.

Fewer human failures and communication issues, improved work efficiency.

Optimized development and QA efforts and costs.